Sunday, May 6, 2012

Borneo Marathon 2012 - Day 2 City Tour

 Date: 5 May 2012
City tour at KK town
 The icon at KK Esplanade
 KK Esplanade, the weather is burning at noon
 Fishing boats nearby
Dolphin sculpture
 Tried the beef noodle at Yee Fung Coffee shop, the taste is nice but the beef is over cooked very hard, RM5/bowl
Yesterday tried this chicken rice for lunch at Wiya shop, nothing special except the rice in triangle shape. RM6/plate. Chicken race at SS17 PJ is much more better and bigger portion
 Passed by this nostalgia photo shop
 Malaysia Day Monument
 After lunch, adventure to Tanjung Aru using public transport
 The town bus took us to the main bus terminal and we need to change bus, when reaching there we though we are at third world country bus termnial
 The pavement is covered by rock, soil and sand, whenever there is a bus coming or depart, dust will fly everywhere until everyone can't breath. Imagine these passengers have to suffer in this situation everyday especially during raining day
 This is a very busy bus terminal, many buses and passengers. Rakyat here deserve a better bus terminal as it is a daily public transport.
 All the buses are so old and dirty, some even no air-con. Imagine all the dust flying into the bus
 Have you seen this type of bus ticket? RM1.50 to Tanjung Aru and one hour one trip
 Finally we reached Tanjung Aru
 Very beautiful beach
 Food court at Tanjung Aru
 Famous ice-cream RM4.50
 Stores at the food court
 We checked in to Kinabalu hostel, just opposite the stadium. The condition of the room is unbelievable, the parquet came off, the wall cracked and need repainting, stain on the cushion chair and toilet not function well. Luckily hot water and air-con are provided. RM55/night
The bed is horrible and the wiring is not conceal. The problem with government facility is that there is no quality control during construction and poor maintenance after construction.

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