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Borneo Marathon 2012 - Day 3 The Race Day

Date: 6 May 2012

This year Borneo Marathon was the first year organized by Borneo Running Club. There were about 3500+ participants which 400+ were in full marathon. There were some improvement compare to last year where the race started one hour earlier at 3am and the organizer has changed the direction of the running route where runners need not face the sun when running back to stadium.

The race starts at Likas Stadium, runs about 10km west towards Tanjung Aru and back; with the remaining 10km east towards One Borneo and then return back, making up 42.2 km including the access road back to the Likas stadium. The route mostly on the flat coastal roads around and into KK city, although it is pretty dark during the first 3 hours, it was still a scenic and pleasant route during sunrise between 6.00 to 7.00 am.

Good quality hydration stations with ample supply of water, 100plus and sponge were located in almost every 3-4km.  There was a shortage of distance markers; or they were not very visible throughout the route.  On the way to and back from Tanjung Aru, runners enjoy the cheering of many volunteers and marshals whom always present in every junctions (noticed that there are lots of roundabouts in KK).

However, the stretch between km 24-28 was lonely; in fact there was no marshal sighted in one of the roundabout! Safety precautions and traffic management was excellent. Towards Tanjung Aru route and back, the right lane was totally closed from traffic. However there was no energy gel provided even though the info booklet mentioned that it would be provided at 34km.

There was some confusion during prize presentation where some runners unaware that they were the winners as there were some potential winners being DQ and some foreigners mistaken joined in Malaysian category. The organizer should call all winners for registration and check IC or passport before the prize presentation. Some categories need to be revised and consolidate where all foreigners should be in one international category regardless open or veteran.

Overall this was a well organized event and the organizer has booked runners calender and hope to see everyone again on 5th May 2013!

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 10km started at 6:15am
 Men veteran full marathon top 4 winners


Brooks Nathan Project sapu banyat trophies
 Miss Malaysia 2011/2012 joined in the race too
 Men open Malaysian category full marathon
Men veteran full marathon
Men open foreigner full marathon
 Women veteran full marathon
Women open Malaysian full marathon
Women open foreigner full marathon
 Men open Malaysian 21km
 Men open non-malaysian 21km
Men veteran 21km
 Women open Malaysian 21km
 Women open foreigner 21km
 Women veteran 21km
 Men open 10km

 Sunset at waterfront
Dinner near the market, steam garoupa, butter prawn, ginger lala, vege with egg and rice, RM46

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