Sunday, July 22, 2012

KPAC Trail Relay Run 2012 - Top 10 Results

Date: 21 Jul 2012
Venue: Taman Rakyat Klang
Distance: 4 x 3km

This is the first trail relay run organized at the Taman Rakyat (Sri Andalas) in Klang. It was organized by the Klang Pacers Club. According to many runners, although the route is only 3km but the course is very challenging with slope, steep staircases, uneven ground, narrow path and one runner even sighted a king cobra while running.

The relay was fun  although  only about 50 teams) joined, but you can see so many strong runners among the contenders. Perhaps it will attract even more strong trail runners if it is not in Puasa month (and it happen to be the first day of the fasting month too). There were some eye catching team and with interesting names too,  like Three Generation team which consists of grandma, father and two kids, Bersih joined team with Anti-Lynas, Pork Chops and Friends, Warga Emas team etc.

Next year KPAC will organize it again and lets hope it will include more categories.

More photos here

 First time Sheela is here as photography not as runner
 Three Generation team - Grandma, father and kids
 Bersih and Stop Lynax joined team
 Frim Kepong - warga emas team
Dutamas Runers
 While waiting for 1st runner to come back
 1st Pacers Sport
 2nd Arul Running Club
 3rd Pacemakers Team B
 4th KPAC Team A
 5th Pacemakers Team A
 6th KPAC Team B
 7th Stadium Klang Top Runners
 8th Permaisuri Runners
 9th Passion Team
 10th Sillox
 Winners group photo
 Nasi  lemak time
 Top 10 results
Medal and trophy

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