Friday, July 27, 2012

Press Release : Mizuno Be - Minimalist Training Shoes


Mizuno Be shoes are inspired by the old Waraji sandals that were worn by the samurai class and foot soldiers during the feudal era of Japan. Fascinated by the Waraji sandals, which were shorter than the feet of those wearing them, Mizuno conducted a series of biomechanical tests to determine the benefits of toes protruding over the front edge of the sandal.

The findings showed that protruding toes aid to stabilize the body, which was crucial for Warriors in combat and working people. Furthermore, the toes and the muscles of the feet and lower legs were more mobile and active.

Mizuno Be shoes feature an activation sockliner, which replicates the unique innovation of the Waraji sandal. It allows the toes to move naturally up and down, and to curl and grip, which activates the muscles of the foot. This activation helps to strengthen two main muscles across the base of the foot - the Flexor Digital Longus and the Flexor Hallucis Longus – providing wearers with more propulsive (toe off) strength which can help to improve running. Lastly, the natural oblique allows the toes to spread as if barefoot which helps to stabilise naturally.

Other technical highlights of Be include a unique heel construction that maximises the amazing natural cushioning in your heel pad fat. A low profile moulded EVA midsole offers protection and cushioning. The soft, synthetic suede upper provides added comfort and ventilation.
BE. Wear them when you’re not running – to improve performance when you running. Activate your muscles for increased foot and lower limb strength. Activation insock increases muscular activity and strength. DFC (Dynamic Foot Counter) heel cup enhances natural heel fat cushioning. Everyone can benefit by incorporating Be into their training regime.

Dips the toes to activate your muscles.

Cups your heel to improve its cushioning function

Offering cushioning and comfort at foot plant

Lightweight and durable

Mizuno BE Shoe is available in three unique colours, (Silver/Anthracite/Chinese Red) (Strong Blue/Silver/Ember) for Mens & (Silver/White/Electric) for Women.

The minimalistic construction of the shoe is only at 200g lightweight yet durable. Retail selling price is at RM289.00 . Do visit World of Sports Storewide and Mizuno Flagship Store at The Gardens Mid Valley to find out more details.

For more information, please logon to or www.facebook/worldofsportsmalaysia

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