Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adidas KOTR 2012 - Vest Color Release Sequence

Running Vests

Please take note that Running Vests will be released in sequence according to colour.

On Thursday 6th of September, adidas will start with the release of the vests in the following colour sequence:
  • M-A (High Energy for Men) and W-A (Ultra Green for Women),
  • M-B (Prime Blue for Men) and W-B (Ultra Purple for Women) and lastly;
  • M-C (Prime Green for Men) and W-C (Ultra Pop for Women).
Adidas will only move on to the colours M-B and W-B once stocks for M-A and W-A have depleted.

adidas KOTR 2012 Vest Colour Release Sequence

Live Race Feeds

Start tracking your friends now with the online live tracker. You can follow up to 8 people and get an overview of their performance. You can also receive real-time Facebook and Twitter feeds!

Online Live Tracker here

Adidas KOTR Website here

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