Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brooks Shoes Promotion

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Brooks Malaysia is happily running their Go Green campaign throughout the month of September. Now you can get RM150 rebate for a new pair of selected Brooks running shoes by trading in your old shoes. According to Brooks, you may bring any old shoes, either running shoes, school shoes, high heels and even sandals. And the rebate is nation-wide. The rules and regulations are as below:  The promotion is applicable for selected models only ie. their 6 core designs (Floats)  and the 4 models from the Pure  series:
  • Glycerin 10, Ghost 5, Ravenna 3, GTS12, Trance 11, Cascadia 7
  • Pure Connect, Pure Flow, Pure Cadence, Pure Grit
The promotion is valid nationwide from 1st Sept 2012 and ends on 30th Sept 2012.

Brooks Pure Collection

I guess this is how Brooks way of being more environmental friendly.  Here is some information about their Go Green Project. And they have been pretty serious about contributing to a greener earth. How?

MATERIALS - Among Brooks proudest achievements is the creation of the BioMogo midsole, one of the sporting goods industry's most exciting environmental innovations ever. Traditional midsolesmade of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate™ (EVA) are one of the least biodegradable shoe components, lasting up to 1,000 years in a landfill. Brooks added a non-toxic, natural additive to our MoGo compound that encourages anaerobic microbes to munch away once the material hits an active, enclosed landfill. A five-year study found that BioMoGo degrades 50 times faster than the standard midsole in anaerobic conditions, and will save 29.9 million pounds of landfill waste in roughly 20 to 25 years.

PACKAGING - Brooks shoe packaging is the next best thing to no box at all. And as a bonus, it can be easily recycled or better yet, reused. Think dioramas, time capsule, and hamster home. Check out all the earth-loving updates we made to reduce our footprint and make the world a little more Run Happy.

PROCESS - Brooks' eco-friendlier Compression Molded Preform (CMP) midsole manufacturing process reduces waste by 50 percent as compared to traditional midsole manufacturing methods. Typically, running shoe midsoles are punched out of large sheets—much like using a cookie cutter—leaving unusable excess material.

LIVING EXAMPLE - It's no secret. When it comes to sustainability, it's time for running gear to lead the way, not follow. With their usual passion, Brooks has embraced this challenge. The result is the Green Silence, a groundbreaking advance in running shoes that will not be kept quiet.

By utilizing recycled and other earth-friendly components, this striking—and strikingly fast—performance racing shoe breathes new life into the competition category—as well as countless post-race plastic water and sports beverage bottles, rubber that would otherwise be abandoned, and discarded Skid Row, Kix, and Ratt CDs. No wonder the Green Silence has so much personality.

More details at BrooksMalaysia.  So now you can get yourself a pair of cool performance running shoes, at a discounted price, while doing your bit for the environment. All the reasons to be running happy!

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