Friday, February 6, 2015

Journey To SC Hong Kong Marathon 2015

 Golden finisher medal
Got down from Tian Hou MTR station to Victoria Park
Entrance to race pack collection
At the REPC; All the volunteers are very friendly
Saw many of the African elite runners
 Oversea runners are allowed to register for 21km last minute at HK$440
Tram promoting the SC Hong Kong Marathon
 Souvenir that came with race pack
 Running t-shirt
 42km route - crossing 3 bridges and 3 tunnels
 Race started with 21km first wave at 5:30am, view from hotel
 Short cut  from Kwoloon Park to baggage trucks
 Entering to starting line
 42km first wave flagged off at 6:15am
 Umbrella movement supporters gathered at starting line
 42km second wave started on 6:40am..can you spot the iconic Penang runner? Dr. Francis Yeng in action.

at 38km
Rough surface, challenge for bare foot runners

at 40km

Tambah minyak here

Finally saw some supporters

Green lane just for 42km runners, blue lane for other distance runners
Supports at finishing line
 Race site map
Impressive organization : the Baggage collection area

 Runner from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

 Runners from The Hong Kong University

 Umbrella movement supporters are everywhere
 Bruce Lee supporter
 Bro Lim, FM runner from Penang. Finish very strong
 Familiar face, FM Annie Yee
 Very impressive - fish runner from Japan
 Lim Huat finishes strong with the Jalur Gemilang 
Running towards finishing line
This guy ran with a yellow umbrella..wonder why? :p

Glad I finished this race 

Yellow umbrellas were seen everywhere
Hong Kong University runners supporters

Women overall champion is from North Korea - 2:31:46

 Bruce Lee at Hong Kong Cultural Heritage Museum
Bruce Lee fans should not miss this awesome exhibition, it end on 2018
 Run Run Show's Cinema Empire exhibition at Hong Kong Film Archive Centre
 Hang Tuah - the master piece shown in the exhibition
Hong Kong famous comic "Wind & Cloud" exhibition

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