Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Adidas Energy Boost 2 : A review

I always wanted to try the Boost series from Adidas ever since it was launched, and I finally get to try on the Adidas Energy Boost 2.

When I was in Hong Kong recently, I have noticed that Adidas has already fast replacing most of the models that are made from traditional EVA based midsole materials, and the newer models are constructed with the 'boost' material, also known as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material found in the dashboards of BMW automobiles.  

This material looks like the foam used for the packaging, but the feel is totally different.  In fact they feel very springy and bouncy and I suppose that is the basis of greater energy return in the shoe design concept. And that is a bit of the technical background about the TPU material used in the all the Boost models.
Overall Structure: the shoe is built with a solid plastic like frame structure that wraps around the feet from the heel cup to the of the middle of the feet. In the middle the 3 stripes logo is also part of the cage like structure, offering a real snug fit that feels like an easily adjustable shoe lace.

The upper is also different from those traditional Adidas models; they are made of a stretchy mesh that feels like a pair of thick socks, but it is much thicker and is reinforced with a printed thin black structure that says Techfit.  The feeling is as though the shoes wrap around the feet like a pair of socks.

I found the upper to be exceptionally comfortable, but from the look of the mesh, I suspect that it will retain water which makes it not a very good shoe for the runners whom sweat a lot especially during a very long race such as marathon.  I will need to run in them during rainy days to confirm this.

For me, since this is the first pair of Boost I have ever tried on, my focus is always about the midsole of the shoe every time I wear them.

Overall, the foam is much softer than  the typical materials that are used in the midsole of most running shoes, and they gives the firm bouncy response every you feet land. The shoes are pretty good in terms of stability despite the heavy cushioning.

The Energy Boost 2 is a trainer, so it is slightly heavier due to the more TPU material packed in the midsole, but there are other lightweight models such as the Boston Boost etc.

The cushioning of these shoes are fantastic, and screams cushioning at the heels, so if you are a heel striker and you like good cushioning at the heels, these shoes are made for you.The forefoot area has less cushioning and that provides a firmer and more responsive feel during lift off.

Finally, in terms of the higher and heavier profile, thicker cushioning, I must say that the Adidas Energy Boost 2 will make a good training partner for the heavier runners whom prefer plenty of cushioning. For the rest, the shoes promise durability and much more comfortable ride for the longer runs.

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  1. Hi, please try Adidas Adios Boost II as it is suitable for you (Fast runner). Reason being is apart from what you have shared in your blog, it is light and the upper mesh is more breathable and soft (My personal opinion).

    Your Fan in Puchong


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