Thursday, September 17, 2015

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 7

adidas Malaysia recently launched its exclusive Standard Chartered KL Marathon licensed merchandise to celebrate the collaboration, and among the range, includes the Fall/Winter 2015 Supernova Glide BOOST 7 running shoes series.

I had the opportunity to try out these, and here is my take after I have made a few training runs with the shoes (about 70km).

For those of you who has never try out the Boost series, basically the adidas Boost series have cushioning system that consist  thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material found in the dashboards of BMW automobiles, and these high tech material are suppose improve performance by returning more energy each steps taken. Returning more energy means they are much more bouncier therefore give better running economy.

The adidas Supernova Glide Boost has excellent cushioning and the Boost cushioning system extends from the heel to the ball of the shoes, which works well whether you are a heel striker or a mid footer.

There is a good amount of foam stuffing in the upper collar wall of the Glide Boost which gives that plush feels and additional fit around the ankle area.

I also notice that stitching is very minimal and instead, the structure is constructed with welded rubberized overlays, and that is good when you want to avoid irritation during longer distance runs.

The top is made in the form of breathable mesh, and with the material that is gentle to the feet. Basically they feel comfortable and well ventilated, and it feels almost similar to like wearing a pair of thick socks. The roomy feel in the toe box is another plus point.

At the rear of the shoe, there is an external heel clip is also another good feature, offering a good fit securing well at the ankle area.

The front out sole at the shoe is made from Continental rubber and carries the Continental marking (from car tyre manufacturer) and from my previous experience with the other pairs of  adidas running shoes of the Boost series, these material does offer better grip in either dry conditions or wet conditions, and they are very much more durable too.  Also, at the mid foot comes with the torsion system which gives the shoe very good stability.

The Glide has a stack height (27mm to 17mm) and a 10mm heel drop and with the combination of the Boost (TPU) used to construct the midsole  makes the shoes a suitable companion for runs that deserves good cushioning such as the LSD or on hilly course (such as Bukit Kiara circuit or double hills). This is because of the good cushioning yet very responsive feel of the shoe.

In additional to the rubberized welded overlay and the heel cups, the 3 stripes logo in the middle is also part of the supporting structure, and they really give that secure hugging feels at the mid foot area.

In summary, the Supernova Glide BOOST 7 is basically a neutral trainer that is capable of offering high-mileage training as well as longer distance races such as the marathon.

I think the shoe will be an excellent choice as a racer for heavier runners or for those who are looking for good amount of cushioning for their racing shoes.  For the rest, the Glide Boost 7 will make a good long run trainer.

* thank you Adidas Malaysia for providing these shoes for the review.

* there is also an on going promotion on the adidas Supernova Glide Boost in conjunction with the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Check them out at the adidas stores.

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