Sunday, October 2, 2016

Larian Muzium 2016 - Top 25 Results

Date: 2 Oct 2016
Distance: 4.1km and 8,2km

About 450+ runners joined in this event.  Even though it was a small group but many are fast runners.
The route is scenic, but with a challenge to run up to about 700 meters up the Melawati hill at the beginning of the race (towards the light house), then downhill. The rest of the route are very much flat.  Veteran and Junior runners get to do a fast 4.1 km (4.2 GPS) and Open categories ran 8.2 (8.6 GPS).  Lots of turnings and some U turns gave the technical folks a bit of a headache but there were no issue except it took extra time to sort out the winners.

After the run, light breakfast and fruits was provided with lucky draw. Only 25 medals were provided for each category, so this basically encouraged runners to run faster.  The only area really is just to improve the technical judging of verifying the the winners.

This is a good event because of the affordable registration fees and a scenic route, breakfast, lucky draw, medal, t-shirt and cash prize for top 10 winners and a chance to promote local tourism.
Finally, a big thanks to the organizer, marshalls and volunteers.

More photos here

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