Sunday, July 5, 2009

Larian Antidadah Antarabangsa 2009

What: 4 Jul 09
When: 7.30am
Where: Dataran Putraja
Fees: RM5
Distance: 7.5km, 5km
More Photo here
This was an easy short distance run. It was a day out of the community.
As usual the men & women open were conquer by the Kenyans. Cash prize only for top 3 runner, they 'bao ka liao'. Should charge them higher fees and in US dollar.
4th - 10th winner got hamper only.
Medal are limited but design is awesome and good quality.
Collecting the bib no. and T-shirt when arrived in the morning but was given XL T-shirt size. Besar sangat la. The gun-off time was on time and VIP also tidak cakap banyak banyak, just 'bang' only. Should be that way la.
Upon finishing, they distributed medal, certificate and towel. 100+ also beside the finishing line, easy, no need to jalan jauh jauh. They also gave makanan to public (sandwich, drink and fruit), means to everyone and no limit until stock last.
Good, we will be back next year.
After this run, some runners proceed to Ipoh for Half Marathon run, we too.

The medal is gorgeous
5km group
7.5km group
Happy kids

Senaman memanaskan badan

7.5km gun-off

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