Saturday, July 18, 2009

Small Miracle - Scout Bassett

Her History

Left and alone, Scout Bassett began her journey. At an early age, Scout lost her right leg due to severe burns. Later she was abandoned at a Chinese orphanage to endure hardship, abuse and child labor.
For years Scout hoped for something to change her fate, but her dreams seemed a lifetime away. Then when she least expected it, a miracle occurred and she was adopted by an American family at the age of seven, taking her from an uncertain future to a world of opportunity.
With help from CAF, her parents and prosthetist, Scout actively competes in tennis, golf, marathons and triathlons. Her relationship with Sarah Reinertsen over the years has also helped her overcome many challenges. In 2007, she qualified and competed in the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Hamberg, Germany, finishing in second in her division of her first international competition for triathlon. She claimed silver again in 2008 at the Vancouver Triathlon World Championships.
Drive, determination, athletics and outstanding academic success has lead Scout to her next journey, attending UCLA on a full scholarship. She’s finished her freshman year and has flourished with strong grades, established a strong social network and acts as a Resident Assistant in the dormitories, all the while representing CAF as a spokesperson.
Scout is passionate about pursuing her athletic interests, educating people about the physically challenged and helping raise funds to allow remarkable individuals like herself to live active lifestyles. She is an inspiration for all to follow your dreams and live extraordinary lives. CAF enthusiastically supports Scouts in her athletic, personal and academic goals.

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