Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pilgrimage to Mount. KK

Malaysian made it - Kuilin is the champion for Women Category in
 this year's climbathon - bravo, Malaysian are all very proud of you.
Date: 22 - 23 Oct 2011
Venue: Mount. Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Last weekend finally get to experience the trail of mountain running. It was indeed one of a kind experience. The trail of catching up on very strict race qualifying time within the hazardous surrounding of slippery path, high altitude terrain and thin air. But it was the last of its kind or rather the final event of this race series, where the organizer would change the race format of not including the summit/peak in the next year race. Below are pictures of moment that could share with everyone.

More photos here

New found buddies...
All set to conquer the mountain, or is it possible?
With the symbolic  icon of Mt. KK
Climbathon, a  very responsible
and serious race director and a very
nice gentleman
Doc Shara (left) and Tony (centre) with Alex (bib 689) whom went up
mountain twice back to back, not sure how far he went up to on
Sunday, but on Saturday, he went as far as 8km (the peak is 8.72km).
Su (right, bib 403) reached 8.5km but denied qualification only because
 she was a few minutes late. Nevertheless they were heroes of the day.
Old gingers - Captain Tony Quay with the 2
 veterans from Ipoh both made it within the qualified
 time. Hash runners seems to be better survivors.
Jasni and Affindi, before the race, both
very strong runners from KL. Both made it
within  4:20+  up  and down the mountain.

Solomon ambassadors,  Kilian (004) Greg (019) and Luis
Alberto (003), Toru (005) at the starting line
with the rest of the world class skyrunners.
The man whom arrive first at the peak, and still
 the record holder for KK climbathon, Marco de
Gasperi. Fantastic sportmanship seen in him,
smiling upon reaching the finishing line even
though he fell and lost his title to Kilian.
 However, if this is the last year of Climbathon,
 then he will be the record holder forever.
Complete line up of the elites.
Expression of many of the participants at the finishing line.
Wonderful icons of the KK climbathon.  Year in and out, these
 family will turn up and does the signature warming up cheering
for Nippon. And all of them are super fast!
Friends celebrating their experience through the toughest
 mountain race.
3 more heroes of the day.  Jasni, Affindi, and Ong Wei Xing.
All completed the race at 4:15, 4:18, and 4:22 respectively.  You
may think this is just another race, but for those who has been
there can tell you how tough it is. These gentlemen made it
 despite the fact that they are more of road racers and not
 trail runners, not sure about Affindi, but Jasni and WeiXiang
has never been to Mount KK before and I doubt they have
 race in mountain before this. And all of them only arrive one or
two days before the race therefore absolutely no opportunity
 for acclimatization.  Wei Xiang only landed the  night before
and he look fantastic when he reached the  finishing  line.
These guys are tough! the peak.  Managed to reach 7.8-7.9 km,
and seeing many climbers that was turned away by
the marshals. Took a moment to enjoy view and
sometimes disqualified may not be a bad thing.
Looking back, if managed to secure the band,
 would have race very quickly down,  the donkey
ear mountain and this moment would not be there.
Like Kilian put it, half an hour  lost in the  race is
half an  hour gain (to enjoy) the mountain.
Another gentleman met in the mountain and took a shot
 with cellphone cam.  Sorry, for forgotten your name, hope
 you enjoyed your trip.
Met Winston and on the way down, found this
plaque that says  7.5km point.
Bro Alam Shah.  We enjoyed ourselves at the peak didn't we?
The sun tan turned to sun burn, bro....
Another new friend met at the rock face
Hopefully next year the organizer
will retain the event to race to the
peak instead of just run on the trail
Bib with the autograph of the top 2 winners

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