Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Puma Faas 100 R - A Minimalist Racer

The Puma Faas 100R is a lightweight racer with a minimalist and flexible sole.

The Puma Faas 100 R sits in the thinnest end of the Puma Faas range of running shoes. The Puma Faas family offers a wide range of performance running shoes which are labeled by their degrees of cushioning with the 100 (thinnest) to 1000 (thickest).

The Puma Faas 100R has a very light, semi transparent, netting like upper that is quite thin which makes them looked and feel breathable.

The entire side of shoe tongue is completely attached to the main body with some cushioning in the middle which provides a good fit especially if you like to wear you shoes sock-less.

The heel area is built with a slightly thicker materials gave it a very secure feel when you go fast.

The laces are almost similar to those found in the Puma Mobium Elite, feels rather round and fat, which at first I though is quite a mismatch for a pair of racer, but I soon finds that they worked quite well when combined with the tongue to securely fasten the shoe.

Like the rest of the Faas series, the sole of Faas 100R is built on Faas Foam. This material is light and provide great cushioning.  They are flexible and and surprisingly able to absorb much of impact even though there are only so little of them down there. With the fact that these softer materials are used gave the best of both minimalist and cushioning, I wonder if the shoe will be subjected to a faster wear, but I can only be determine if this is true later as I put more miles in them. I might be wrong, because when I have checked, these shoes are built with the EverRide+ and EverTrack at the outsole which is meant for to make them more durable.

So far when I tested them mostly on the road and they gave really good traction.

The Faas 100r is built with a 0 mm drop and you can see that imprinted at the heel and the tonge. That means these are built to be racing flat that allows the flexibility for your feet to strike according to how you like it.

But notice also the extra cushioning in the arch area has been raised slightly which provide a much more secured fitting effect.

My thought and opinion is that the Puma Faas 100 R is an excellent minimalist racer for the 5K-10K range especially for the more efficient runners and they can potentially can perform well up to a half-marathon for those who are used to thinner foot wear.

For those who are going into barefoot like or minimalist running gear, the Faas 100R can provide that liberated feeling of barefoot running because this shoe provide that natural feel through it lightweight flexible sole. Also these features will also allow this shoe to be suitably used as for strength development.

But most likely for the speed demons, you will immediately love the Puma Faas 100 R for your 5K races especially if you are a fast cadence runner. 

Can be as faas like Bolt? With some imagination, perhaps....

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