Sunday, January 12, 2014

Guide Rails: The Solution to Support Your Stride Signature

In our recent posting about Brook's Stride Signature we talked about how scientific research had shown that every runners will run differently, including the way they stride and land.....

....and then we also talked about Brook's new idea of Stride Signature where it is believed that each runner should accept and celebrate their own different signature of running movement because they have their own individual unique joint geometry, ligament flexibility, muscle strength and motion patterns.

Ok great. Our question to Brooks is "If that is your running philosophy today, so how do go about making sure runners can run comfortably (mentally and physically) in their own Stride Signature? i.e. What is your solution?

The answer we got from Brooks is: Guide Rails. 

What is exactly is Guide Rails?

According to Brooks, that's the material that sits atop the mid-sole foam and to the outer edges of your foot, to control your movement if you deviate too far from the way your body is expected to travel. You can think of this like bumper bowling on the foot-bet, delivering on-demand support yet allowing the hips, knees and joints move in their unique motion path.

The ultimate function of Guide Rails is to deliver support to your stride, where you need it and when you need it, as you run according to your Natural Habitual Joint Motion. The experience of running will be revolutionized, when biomechanical insights are combined with technology to become one with the runner.

Where can you find Guide Rails? Well the very first Guide Rails implementation can be found on the Brook's Transcend.

What is in the Brooks Transcend?

and from the people behind the Brooks Transcend

Like the philosophy that you should stay put in your running biomechanics and invest in a piece of technology support your running form?

....then stay tune for more about the Brooks Transcend.

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