Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Nite Owl vs Ammah Hill

After our recent review of the Skechers Nite Owl , I have using them for my longer runs. As they were my racing shoes for the Newton 25km Challenge, here is my experience on how I did my longest distance hilly race with the Nite Owl.

Initially I wanted to do the 15km race. But due to my procrastination on the registration, the 15km category was unavailable when I tried to register. Finally, Uncle Chan and Samantha was nice enough to let me sign up at last minute for the 25km distance, reluctantly I accepted the challenge.
Photo credit: snailpace-ziff71

According to my research this is what Ammah Hill looks like in the day!! But since my buddies are doing it, I will just join in for fun, because the longest I have ever ran is 15km and that was a long time ago.

Photo credit: John Yew

On race day, I have decided to use my the Skechers Nite Owl. I am used to race with the Skechers GORun Speed but the Skechers Nite Owl seems to be a suitable shoe for this event because of the plush cushioning and besides...the race starts at 5:30 am so it will be really dark. I can now run around like a Christmas tree.

So I ran up and down Ammah Hill surprisingly I enjoyed myself at a pace that I am comfortable with, and I am so glad that I had my MP3 player with me.  Despite the hills and the distance, I did not scream ''Ammah!".

By the time I reach 20km I realized there was a blister developing between the toes. Bummer. I forgot to apply Vaseline and since this is my first long distance race, I forgive myself.

After I crossed the finish line, I found my dad and chit chat with his buddies. I later reunite with my buddies, and we wasted no time monkeying around with our medals while waiting for the results.

Me with my Dad and my running seniors, posing with our prizes!

Photo credits to Leon You

The Ammah Hills was fun to run in, and 25km is not that bad after all, but I have learned a few things that we must prepare when we are running the longer distance.  And  I find the Skechers Nite Owl which is really the GORun2 are really great shoes suitable for longer runs. Ample cushioning and very light. And they work really well double up as a visibility tool when running in darker environment.

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