Friday, January 3, 2014

Run your own race

In a way, the picture above illustrate the best of this idea.  Taken at 15km mark at the Boston Marathon 2011, the lonely figure behind the lead pack is Desi Davila, running the race almost on her own.

So it was alone and following. Those whom run competitively will understand and appreciate the tough mentality she possessed right there because more than often, falling behind like that can be a real test on a person's mentality. 
But in the end, she caught up with all except one, off by only a few seconds, finished with an American record for women’s time on the Boston course.  So running her own race and remain focus in her own game plan paid off, and with an amazing result.
Perhaps this is a good example and a great reminder to all of us on what the sports of marathon running is all about, besides focus, grit and stamina; there is one true competition out there which is yourself.

And of course this scenario is applicable to life as well, don't freak out just because you seem to be lagging behind your peers; be it studies, career or about settling down.  Everyone has a journey of their own and the last thing you want is to forced yourself running in someone else's race.

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