Monday, October 22, 2012

BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2012 - Check Your Result

42km men open here

32km women open here

42km men junior veteran here

42km men senior veteran here

42km women veteran here

21km men open here

21km women open here

21km men junior veteran here

21km men senior veteran here

21km women veteran here

10km men open here

10km women open here

10km boys junior here

10km girls junior here

10km corporate team here


  1. why I can't search my number M0752??

    1. The listing provided by the organizer is only for those who finished the run, it is exclude runners who DQ or DNF. If you are not in the DQ or DNF categories, then you may send them a message at their fb at

    2. what is DQ & DNF?? I got finish my run during 1:09 min. why no record?

    3. DQ - disqualified, DNF - Did Not Finished.
      Since you did finish the run then you may send message at the organizer facebook and request them to check.
      All the best.


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