Sunday, October 7, 2012

HELPing Hands Run 2012 - Top 10 Winners

Date: 7 Oct 2012
Distance: 5km and 8.5km

The objective of this charity run is to raise fund for Yayasan Sunbeams Home, Trinity Community Centre, Rumah kanak-kanak Trinity and Ti-ratana Welfare Home. Its target is to attract 2000 runners, but due to many races happened on the same day, ie, KRI run, Pink Charity Run, Rise and Run etc, it only able to get around 300 participants and mainly are HELP students.

This event was organized by a group of young students and with no running experiences. Due to poor organizing, no proper marshalls and lack of signage, resulted that many runners ran into wrong route, especially fast runners ran extra mileage and lost their position. Poor traffic control also force runners to run on their own risk. Many runners complaint due to poor marshalling.

The organizer also last minute reduced the top 3 winners cash prize from RM300, RM200 and RM100 to RM100, RM75 and RM50 respectively. The reason given was to provide top 10 medals instead of initial top 5 medals. The prize presentation was carried at 10am under the hot sun, it should be done earlier as most runners have returned and waited.

The organizer needs to invest extra effort and get advice from experience runners in order to attract more participants if they would want to organize it again in year 2013. Nevertheless appreciated their effort and time to raise fund for charity homes.

More photos here

 Nice color matching
 Mother and son
 Students from SMKDJ

 5km 1st girls junior
 5km 2nd girls junior
 5km 3rd girls junior
 5km 1st boys junior
  5km 2nd boys junior
 5km 3rd boys junior
 5km 1st women open
 5km 3rd women open
 5km 1st men open
 5km 2nd men open
5km 3rd men open
 8.5km 1st women open
 8.5km 3rd women open
 8.5km 1st men open
 8,5km 2nd men open
 8.5km 3rd men open
 Winners photo
Top 10 winners medals

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