Saturday, December 7, 2013

EE Run 2013 - Top 10 Results

Date: 7 Dec 2013

This is my second time running the annual Energy Efficiency Run organized by the Energy Commission in Putrajaya.  This event is free, but has only limited place.

The Open categories are required to run 7km, whilst the rest, 5km. A final reading from the GPS shows that they were actually 6.4km and 5.3km respectively, on the main street of Putrajaya Precint 2/Precint 3, so it was a really quite a flat course overall.

Runners were treated to a good breakfast after the run. But most were quite delighted to the Brooks event T-shirt and also the big pewter finisher's medal, although they are limited to the faster finisher.  Safety precaution was fantastic, with plenty of traffic cones and the presence of many road marshals and even traffic bike police.

The organization is almost perfect, and I guess the credit should go to the fact that the many whom are involved in the organizing team in the Energy Commissions are avid runners themselves. Kudos to the team.  I guess everyone had a blast there that day in the pictures below so all of us will be back next year.

More photos here

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