Sunday, December 29, 2013

Newton Challenge Run 2013 - Top 10 Results

Date: 29 Dec 2013

The last time I ran the 25km Newton Challenge was in 2010. I attempted the shorter distance in 2011, and this year I was happy that I had the privilege to run the 25km again.

And indeed the name 'challenge' is worthy because of the endless hills, and the fact that it is a race of 25km,  we have to run in faster pace. Another elements that add on to the challenge was that the race starts at 5:30am, and almost 1.5 hours are spent running in the dark, and with the absence of streetlight in many of the areas has made it even more difficult to go faster especially during the downhill cycle.

Generally speaking the event organization is good; 2 years ago I remember the toilet area was pretty dark. Plenty of water stations along the way, and many familiar faces (or voices) manning these aid stations with bike marshals patrolling the route.  And also a big thanks to the traffic policeman whom had provided lighting as we ran the darker site of the routes. In terms of safety, the route location was fantastic, and there was plenty of cones to guide the runners.

Competitive runners are also very happy because this year there are prizes including a beautiful trophy were given out to the top ten participants of each category.

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 15km women veteran
 15km men veteran
 15km women open
 15km men open
 25km women veteran
 25km men veteran
 25km women open
 25km men open

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