Sunday, December 1, 2013

Larian 10K Rasah Kemayan N.Sembilan 2013 - Top 5 Results

Date: 1 Dec 2013

This is one those weekends where many events clashed together. Singapore Marathon, the TM Fan Run happening in Putrajaya, CICM Run in Setia Alam and the inaugural Larian 10K Rasah Kemayan. I was supposed to run the Singapore Marathon, but due to logistic issues plus the busy working schedule over the past week, I had to skip it.  The registration for CICM was completely closed, and finally I was very happy when I heard that this race is still open for registration on Friday.

The event took place around the vicinity of Seremban 2 and Rasah Kemayan. It was rather a 'fast' pace course...although quite hilly, the route is a single straight line in a 'out and back' with a U-turn that is almost 5km away at the other end of the highway.  And on the hilly part, the profile is simple- its a down hill on the first half and then torture you on your way back with the view of the hill in front of you most of the time.  But the is a beautiful 2 - 3 lane highway with minimal traffic, sandwiched among many of the new and gated housing area like Sri Carcosa in Seremban 2. Most of us agreed that this place is a runners haven.

Most GPS gave a distance reading of about 9.6km. In terms of participants, it did not attract a very good turnout though, since so many events were happening in the same morning, but a good number of local elites were present and of course plenty of African elites. And so the Open categories for both Men and Women were fully dominated by African runners. We noticed that they were from at least 2 different group thus competition were quite intense even for them. The best time 28 minutes 28 seconds...even though it is a 9.6km ...that is some crazy timing.

On final note I think the organization of the event was quite good, although we can see that the organizing team were a bit short handed. The beautiful location has made traffic handling much easier, so there was no issue on safety, although some ugly Malaysian drivers were sighted speeding and honking at runners.

Will definitely join this race again next year.

More photos here

 Men open
 Women open
 Men veteran
 Women open
 Boys junior
 Girls junior

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