Monday, December 23, 2013

Press Release: Mizuno Wave and BioGear Technology

Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company founded in Osaka, Japan back in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno. The Mizuno brand existed one century ago, and the brand building effort is reflected in Osaka Marathon, recognized as an International running event since its inception in 30th October 2011 that attracted more than 30,000 runners around the globe.

Mizuno performance gears are directly designed in Japan, supported with state-of-the-art Japanese R&D facilities with stringent product quality.  When it comes to Mizuno running shoes, its legendary WAVE technology is adapted, embedded and delivering traction, comfort and stability to all runners and related sportsmen.

Wave Technology – A unique technology that combines the two key elements which make great running shoes; cushioning and stability. Mizuno has created a Wave to suit every type of runners.

– Wave technology that gives the highest levels of support combined with excellent cushioning found in related shoes models WAVE RIDER 17, WAVE HITOGAMI & WAVE SAYONARA

– The next level of Wave technology with a more visible and effective construction. The ultimate Wave features two parallel plates that sit together with soft cushioning pillars in-between to provide unrivalled cushioning and improved durability by absorbing and dispersing the impact at foot strike found in related shoes models WAVE PROPHECY 3 & WAVE CREATION 15

Mizuno introduces a new technology named U4ic. A unique midsole compound that is approximately 30 percent lighter then its predecessor Mizuno ap+ without any loss of comfort or performance.

Mizuno BIOGEAR TECHNOLOGY incorporates a variety of proprietary technologies designed to benefit individual running experience. BIOGEAR products are presented in various categories according to model type. The highest model is embedded with the most features starting from BG8000, BG5000, BG3000 and BG1000. Top-notched BG8000 for instant features Mizuno Powermesh that provides pelvis support to stabilize running posture, knee support to reduce vibration and misalignment of joints. Dynamotion™ Fit patterning for better anatomical fit of garment, offering freedom of movement. BIOGEAR compression technology promotes better circulation, reduces muscle fatigue. Mizuno DryLite® Moisture management technology keeps the body dry. The concept of Mizuno compression gear is to provide muscles support during performance and comfort whilst gaining a faster recovery rate.

In general, running places stress on the body. The unique Mizuno Wave technology provides the right amount of cushioning and stability your body needs. Mizuno wave blends these elements, creating a smooth and easy running experience. Be sure to try it on to feel the differences.

Mizuno footwear and compression gears are now available at Mizuno Flagship Store and any World of Sports stores:

Mizuno Flagship Store
The Gardens - 3rd Floor.  Tel 03 2287 4516

World of Sports Stores :
E@Curve - 1st Floor.  Tel 03 7727 8212
Subang Parade – Ground Floor.  Tel 03 5631 9578
Bangsar Village 2 – 1st Floor.  Tel 03 2284 9914
Paradigm Mall – 2nd Floor.  Tel 03 7886 9628
Tropicana City Mall – 1st Floor.  Tel 03 7728 0620
IOI Mall – Ground Floor.  Tel 03 8070 0664
Mahkota Parade, Melaka – 1st Floor.  Tel 06 282 0212
Gurney Plaza, Penang – 2nd Floor.  Tel 04 227 9672
City Malll, Kota Kinabalu – 1st Floor.  Tel 088 484 251
Sogo Department Store KL – 3rd Floor.
Tangs, One Utama Shopping Center – 2nd Floor.
Parkson, KL Festival City, 2nd Floor.
Parkson, Setia City Mall, 2nd Floor.

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